Hi, I’m Chris. I am interested in pursuing empirical UX research and ubiquitous computing to bridge humans to technology in imaginative ways.

In the past I have worked as a software developer at Electronic Arts contributing to multiple central technology teams and product delivery teams to provide a common web framework, and game-to-web features to internationally known franchises.

My drive comes from my competitive nature; I challenge myself through competing in public challenges such as Hackathons, StartupWeekends, and Case Competitions. Notable, I won Singapore Mega Startup Weekend with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Kecap.

Otherwise, my time away from the computer is spent:

  • airplanemode_active Travelling on a budget

  • music_note Jamming out on the ukulele and guitar

  • local_library Reading excessively

  • fitness_center Picking heavy objects up and putting them down

  • group Enjoying good drinks with friends

Thanks for stopping by,