“Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams around those ideas, and work to develop a working prototype, demo, or presentation by Sunday evening.”

The Problem

Traveller’s are seeking authentic cultural experiences during their travels but are having difficulties finding local insights in the abundance of available information.


Traveller’s trust locals when searching cultural experiences.

Design Process


Primary Research
User Interviews, Stakeholder Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys

14 User Interviews with students and young professionals who travel regularly.

4 Stakeholder Interviews with a mid tier hotel manager, a high tier hotel receptionist, and a hostel receptionist.

2 Focus Groups with traveller’s visiting Singapore.

84 Surveys were completed by young adults all over the world.

Insights: Traveller’s have distinct, clear preferences about which information they want to receive online and which they want to get from a local. Hotel employees described their work as primarily guest guidance on local attractions.

Secondary Research
Facebook Messenger, Asia Pacific Travel

Secondary Market Research was done on the use of Facebook Messenger in Asia Pacific, documented travel persona’s, and travel destinations in Asia Pacific.

Particularly of Interest:

  • “Facebook has 629 million monthly active users in its Asia-Pacific region” (Anon, 2017)

  • “The amount of organic interaction between users and businesses on Facebook’s messaging apps is significantly higher than in other regions” (Anon, 2017)

  • Travel Opportunists Vs. Travel Planners (Fox Business, 2017)

  • “…number of worldwide outbound trips grew by 3.9%, led by Asia (+11%)…” (Greiff F, 2017)

  • “…millennials take 4.2 leisure trips a year, more than those age 31-to-35 (2.9 trips) and those 46-to-65 (3.2 trips).” (Rickeryby M, 2017)


Insights, Opportunities, How Might We, Mind Map

The team analyzed the results of the discovery efforts and clustered related information. Just as we suspected, interviewees shared a common problem: difficulty accessing local-knowledge as a tourist.

The beginning development of the mind map for Kecap.

kecap MindMap


Impact x Feasibility Matrix

The problems users and customers were facing were discussed and evaluated using two criteria: Impact and Feasibility.

As the team had niche and relevant expertise, the decision was made to leverage knowledge (and proven success!) of Facebook intelligent Chatbot’s and target the uncharted city Medan, Indonesia.

Bus Uncle. A Singaporean social icon, and a sociable chatbot created by team member Abilash has shown proven success as an effective channel to reach the target user.

bus uncle icon

Anywhr. A startup that sends traveller's to uncharted, exciting destinations; Founded by team members Felix and Zelia they provided unique insights into traveller desires and local activities in Medan, Indonesia.

anywhr icon


Business Model Canvas, Prototype

Once the core problems were agreed, a Business Model Canvas was described to understand exactly what Kecap would offer.

A snapshot of the V.0.1 Business Model Canvas of Kecap

kecap business model canvas
Build, Test, Iterate
Wizard of Oz User Testing, Product Page Funneling

Before the completion of the prototype, a Product Landing Page was created to present Kecap’s offerings to Users and to begin gathering emails for beta-users.

Once a facebook page was set up, OZ User Testing was performed to better understand how users would converse with Kecap. Iterations were made to Kecap’s offering as we learned more.

  • v0.1: Itinerary Planning, Food Suggestions, Routing and Transit
  • v0.2: Tribal Knowledge, Accommodation Suggestions, Itinerary Planning, Food Suggestions, Routing and Transit
  • v0.3: Administrative Guidance, Tribal Knowledge, Accommodations, Itinerary Planning, Food Suggestions, Routing and Transit

The product landing page. Built in under 3 hours, its purpose was to entice users to sign-up for the opportunity to chat with Kecap

kecap landing page screenshot

Snapshots of Wizard of Oz User Testing. Over the course of 4 hours, "Kecap" had 35 conversations.

kecap facebook conversation


54 Hours later we had a working prototype and a viable Startup Venture.

Kecap took First Prize, valued at S$50,000, and the IPhone X GIC Prize meant for the idea with the greatest imagination, feasibility and disruptive potential.

kecap startup weekend winners